Connect-to-Web Mailer

Our high quality web key formats provide you with the ultimate design flexibility by offering custom shapes and sizes

The sturdy construction integrates a super slim USB device you detach and insert into the USB port. When inserted the web key drives customers directly to your web site, personalized landing page, or video.

From he moment the user plugs in the web key our tracking platform allows you to follow the evolution of your campaign in real time.

No USB drive? No problem.

Our products can integrate NFC chips to connect through mobile devices. Simply touch the chip embedded product to any compatible device and the link will automatically open

NFC chips can be embedded into any paper or plastic format, with or without the USB device.


How Does it Work


The user detaches the webkey from the flyer…


… plugs it in a computer


… and access exclusive online content.


Marketers can follow the performances of the campaign with real-time metrics


    Connect-to-web runs smoothly on every operating system without warning messages or interference


    No software required


    This is not a USB drive: the webkey works without memory